Coffee Cat Mama - 貓屎媽媽

Coffee Cat Mama - 貓屎媽媽

A.K.A: 貓屎媽媽

Times: 20 Episodes

Release Date: 23 December 2013

Language: Cantonese

Country: Hong Kong

Cast: Bosco Wong, Michelle Yim, Eliza Sam, Nancy Wu, Vincent Wong, Koo Ming Wa, Mimi Lo, Siu Po

Synopsis: Following the breakdown of his marriage to SUNG TSAU-PO (Miki Yeung), waiter PAU CHI-TAI (Bosco Wong) has to take up the parental responsibility on his own.

In order to take better care of his son, he has been changing his job constantly until his roommates SO SICK (Koo Ming Wa) and YAM KA-CHING (Vincent Wong) recommended him to work in a Café.  Unexpectedly, he encountered three troublesome female Café owners with intricate relationships, which has completely altered his life ever since.   MA SZ-NGA (Michelle Yim) is BEAN KWAI-CHI’s (Eliza Sam) biological mother, and her late ex-husband left them and his second wife SO MEI (Nancy Wu) the ownership of the Café.  Boasting her position as the person in charge in all respects, SZ-NGA bribes CHI-TAI and makes him the informant in secret in an attempt to have a solid grasp of what’s going on with everyone.  In the meantime, she also cultivates him to become a Barista.  After seeing that CHI-TAI is willing to meet any hardship for the sake of his son, KWAI-CHI, who once disliked him, has now grown fond of him, and even offers to help take care of his son.  Having learned that, SZ-NGA strongly disapproves of them being together, fearing that her wish of her daughter becoming a doctor will bite the dust.  Not wanting KWAI-CHI to follow in her own footsteps, SO MEI surprisingly joins forces with SZ-NGA, interrupting them with high-handed approaches.

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